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Somebody else expressed a sympathy for the bigger guy that I probably can't match with my own words, but still that was really the only obstacle to my full enjoyment.
Although I probably would have forgot all about 'reality' if the little ate/drank some color out of his bottle of pills/potion. especially as he exhaled twice later on.

h-hakim responds:

Haha, seems some people confuse if a story is in between realistic and fantasy like this one. Worry not fellow beauty seeker. Next one will be full fantasy ;)

really wanted to love this piece instead of just really liking it... simply for its editing and references ... but maybe it is because I am older, I do feel the serious issue at hand should be about addiction rather than loosing foot hold in reality and dreaming up monsters and implausible scenarios to escape... I know what I am watching is not real life and won't confuse it with the physical world... yet I am compelled to keep thinking it and consuming it. idk.

great animation.
but it seems like the little girl was the only person who knows how to use a gun correctly there,
and human skulls are like mac and cheese under knife attacks.

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simple but great concept. however the physics bothered me because the falling ties seems to not pick up any momentum from the moving machine. gave me a harder time because that's just not how momentum works IRL. (or you could say I have an idiot brain that can't adjust to fantasies quick enough.)

sound effect for jumping gets on my nerves a bit.

since red bear can't jump anyway, it would be nice to have up arrow as punch button. I was forced to use two hands for the E button, which was mildly annoying.

similar problem with not able to see below enough as someone else pointed out. it got me on the first level with the key positioning, but it really was unnecessary.

overall however pretty reasonable puzzles, smooth graphics (even on my shit laptop), although the motion/dynamics might be better if it is less sticky and slippery (less inertia).

I think I might have "broken" the game. after numerous defeat at the boss level due to my inferior reflex (to aim at that tiny window of opportunity whilst protecting the city), I "accidentally" sold my jammer and interceptor building to obtain more machine gun and rail gun. now I'm stuck in heaven/oblivion with everything charged up but no enemies in sight on "Day 4" ...
But great game! with the extra stuff you get after losses, you managed to make a difficult shooter game enjoyable for someone who serious suck at nonautonomous video games in general

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